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Jul 1, 2016
Middle of Nowhere New York
I need some help. My 6 ducklings from Metzer are losing down on their necks and backs. They are about 2 weeks old and one has a visible puffy spot on her neck that looks really irritated. What could be causing it? Could it be bedding? Vitamin deficiency?

I use old bed sheets as the bedding right now, could it be the dye in them irritating them?

I feed an all flock feed as well, could that be it?

I really dont want it to be something serious, I would hate to lose them.

Anything I can do to help?

I can post pictures if that would help any.
I didnt see any. Of course it looked a lot worse when they were wet, its when I really noticed it. But even dry, I atleast, can tell that their down is still thin on their necks. Will try to get some pics soon. I may be overreacting but I didnt notice anything like this with my first set of 6 ducklings I got from Tractor Supply.
They do tend to grow SO fast that sometimes the skin stretches faster than the down can fill in. I bet that's what it is.
Really? I didnt know that. But these ones do seem to be growing faster than the ones I got from Tractor Supply. Thank you for the help. These are the first ones I've had from hatchlings. The ones from Tractor supply I think were already about a week old when I got them. And even these ones now at two weeks already seem bigger than those ones at two weeks. I guess you learn new things all the time. I will still get some pictures when I feed them again here soon. Everybody likes duckling pictures
Just to be sure, you could add poultry vitamins with electrolytes and probiotics to their water one night a week for a few weeks - I don't think it can hurt.
Sounds normal too me....Mine get very shabby looking too when losing the down...If they are eating and pooping normal. Still loving life...Nothing to worry about. Add a two handfuls of dry cat food every other day for the extra protein during the feather growth...I am sure they will be fine.
Thank you both for the advice. They are still very happy ducklings and eat and poop normal so I wont be too worried about it but will look into the vitamins. The cat food, I suppose you give that wet in sort of a mash?

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