Help, ducks shrink wrapped

Sue S

Mar 7, 2018
I had 4 ducks in an incubator & 1 hatched lastnite ( happy & healthy ) then 1 more hatched this evening around 5 & they other 2 pipped but then I noticed my humidity was down to 40%, tried to get it up & it won't go up now the temp is dropping to around 90, & I checked the 2 eggs they are shrink wrapped, I opened up there pip so there becks are out. What else can I do the duckling that hatched around 5 is still in the incubator drying, I keep misting the other 2 that haven't hatched yet. HELP....
Is your incubator dying? What kind is it? Maybe placing a heat lamp over it may help bump the temperature inside?? (I did this when my thermostat conked out)

At this point, I would probably remove the air cell end, and moisten the membrane, keep it moist with coconut oil, Vaseline, or the like, and wait for it to be ready to push out on its own. At least with the air cell open, you can observe.

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