help dyeing 8 week old chicken, dont know what is wrong


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Apr 19, 2011
I have 31 chickens in the coop, 6 are a duel purpose breed and 8 weeks old the rest are Cornish cross. I came out this morning and one of the duel purpose breed chickens was almost dead. No damage to show an attack it just kind moves like its drunk and can't stand up. I am really scared I am going to Loos the entire flock or worry about sickness in meat chickens being passed on to me. How worried should I be?
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Posting on phone, title got mutilated there sorry. I also want to add that they have been eating a high protien 23% broiler mix with the Cornish cross for the last 3 or 4 days could that be it.
Could be the problem. I would change back to the lower protein chick starter and start some vitamin therapy. With the vitamin therapy, you do not want to feed medicated feed.

I would give .5mls poly vi sol, without iron once daily and 200 ius of Vitamin E twice daily. I hope she comes around for you!
She is almost gone can't even pick her head up. Its the others I am worried about now, I just bought 300 pounds of feed and can't afford to buy more right now, they are big enough to butcher now but I am worried about an illness that can make us sick if we eat them. How long should I wait and watch them and make sure they are ok before butchering?
Another thing I want to mention is it has been 90+ degrees the last few days could that have caused a problem? They have plenty of water at all times though.
She is on her back and wont let me roll her over, she tucks her head under her and sticks her feet straight up in the air.
She is still holding on and tucking her head under her body doing all she can to be on her back, is that something chickens do when they are sick/dyeing? I tried to dip her beak in water and she wouldn't let me get it out from under her and I didn't want to hurt her. One of her eyes looked at me and the other is half open looking a difrent direction. If anyone can tell me anything I would really appreciate it.
I came home last night to my 8-10 week old cochin roo acting similarly. I was told it was coccidiosis...internal parasite and to administer "corid" that can be bought at a farm supply store. Seems to be helping. He's eating and drinking. I have him bound in a towel to keep him upright. Before I got Corid, I gave him an antibiotic from the medicine cabinet...thinking he would most likely die anyways and it was worth a shot. He made it through the night and all day...
Hope this helps
Did they tell you to give that to all the chickens or just the sick roo? I am going to look it up now? She is in a box on the porch now I don't know what else to do with her except hope for the best, she looked close enough to death when I found her I already excepted her death as something that was going to happen but she is still holding on so I'm holding I was wrong.

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