HELP! egg bound pullet


11 Years
Mar 18, 2012
Salem Oregon
Our Buf Orp pullet is egg bound. She was in the nest at 9 AM, One of the other hens was making a distress sound and when I went to check I found she was till in the nest around noon. She did not lay yesterday. She is panting, her vent is hot red and pulsing and her tail feathers are bobbing up and down. She is refusing water. I but her in a warm bath, where she actually fell asleep. It's been half an hour now so I am going to take her out dry her off and oil her vent. The egg is to far back for me to puncture it and I only checked it once and don't want to do it again in fear that I will push it back further.

Can/should I squirt some oil inside her to lubricate? If yes, how long after the warm soak should I wait before doing it?
So I just had this happen to my white rock and I was so sad so u need to give her a warm bath for 30 min then u put olive oil in the vent I did it with my chicken and it worked now she is running with the girls again but I really hope u and her the best stay strong
Follow up: Though she was intermittently squatting, squawking and pumping her tail up and down even with repeated warm baths and oiling she didn't lay for two day. She was getting pretty week and then finally laid a GIANT egg just as I lifted her out of the warm water. Three more normal sized eggs since then without any problem so I guess she is OK.
I am so happy to hear that I was jumping up and down I did it with my hen and I was hoping it helped your hen but be carefull it can happen again so if it does do the same thing. GOD BLESS
If it happens again, give a 500mg human calcium pill, that should help pass the egg in less than two hours. Since I have started doing this I have not had to use the warm water bathing method.

You can give it whole, but dissolved and syringed in does work faster. Just be very careful as aspiration can occur when giving liquids.

My hen passed her egg not to long ago and she still has a hard time laying she don't lay many a week her eggs are nice and hard but she don't lay like my other girls and they are doing it every day they never take a break

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