HELP! egg turner broke on me!


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May 28, 2010
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Well, the automatic turner for my GQF hovabator 2362N turns out to be broken (the rotater doesn't turn) after 2 years of service.
I can probably fix it or replace it, but the goose eggs that I set 6 hours ago, before I found out about this, are my main concern. I've never turned eggs by hand before, so I need a little input on it. Right now for the moment, i've marked each side X and O, have placed them on their sides, and have turned them once so far in a full 180 degrees.

I've read info on chicken eggs, but not geese (though I think theyre similar). How many times do I need to turn geese eggs a day? Do I need to get something for them to hold upright so that the big side is on top (like when its in an automatic turner)?Or can I just leave it flat down on their sides? I'm not very sure and i dont want them to die on me on the first night


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Jan 11, 2010
In the nest they are on their sides- So its ok to have them like that in the incubator. I dont know if there is some specific number of times a day for turning goose eggs- But generally eggs should be turned so they spend equal amounts of time on each side. Sometimes I turn my ducks eggs twice at 6.30 morning and night- Or when able I turn them 3 times a day - at 8 hour intervals. Maybe you could also try posting in the goose section for some specific questions about hatching goose eggs.

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