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    Sep 10, 2012
    I came home yesterday to find my 11 month old EE pullet waddling and straining so I assumed she was egg bound (she just laid her first eggs this week!).

    I gave her a 30 minute warm bath, calcium, put lube in her vent and put her in a dog crate for the night.

    24 hrs later no egg. She is eating and drinking but still waddling.

    Now its day two. I just repeated everything I did yesterday: bath, massage, calcium, lube and this time I took the plunge, literally. I put my finger in as far as it would go, twirled around and felt nothing hard. So ... can she be anything but egg bound? She is eating and drinking, but she's waddling and straining. If she is egg bound where is the egg? What do I do next?!
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    11 months seems a bit late for just starting to lay eggs. I would wonder if she could be laying internally. That can also cause waddling or even an upright posture. But new layers can act funny, and take a few weeks to get things regulated. Since she doesn't have an egg within touch, you could just watch her and recheck her every day. If you think that she is eggbound, then placing her in a warm humid environment, such as a bathroom with the shower turned on to keep it humid every so often might help. These links might help:

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