HELP! EMERGENCY! How to stop bleeding!


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May 19, 2008
Cedar Creek, TX
One of my Pilgrim geese cute her foot on the side right where it joins the leg. It is bleeding ALOT (as in, blood squirting 1 ft in the air) and I cannot get it to stop. I cleaned the wound as best as I could and have been holding pressure on it but as soon as I let go it starts bleeding again.

I tried putting cornstarch on the wound as well and that did not work either.

There are no bird vets anywhere near me and all the other vets are closed.

Help! What can I do to stop the bleeding.
Can you wrap it tightly? With an ace bandage, or Vetwrap works fantastic. That way you won't have to keep holding it with your hands.
Got any cobwebs in the barn/hen house? That's supposed to help coagulation. Then wrap in vet wrap or something like that, gauze. Keep pressure on the wound. If blood soaks through bandage add more bandage. Do not remove old soaked bandage.

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Make a thick paste out of baking soda and water and try to gob as much as you can on. It acts like a glue that kinda seals the cut up it may take a little while and few appications but it works great! We had to do this when our dog got his ear caught by a coon! Good luck!
If its squirting like that is has probably cut an artery. you need to use some rolled up gauze or something to put pressure right on the bleeder or in the cut and then use tape or ace wrap to bind it down with pressure. I'm not sure of goose anatomy, so I can't say if its a major artery. The laceration or the dressing can cut off circulation to the foot, so you need to watch if it turns cold or pale.
If it's squirting one foot into the air, sounds like an artery was cut. I am no expert, but it sounds like a tourniquit is needed, short of surgery. I think you would have to tie a rope or something above the cut to slow the bleeding, to allow the artery to have time to close, then release every 5 minutes or so to allow blood back into the foot, otherwise the foot will die. Keep tieing and untieing til the bleeding stops. May take awhile if it is an artery. Sounds pretty serious, good luck. This is just my opinion. Putting ice on it also will slow the bleeding.
I put a gauze pad right over the wound and wrapped it pretty tight (but hopefully not tight enough to cut off the circulation to her foot) with vet wrap. Then, I stuck her whole foot and leg into a big bowl of ice water for a few minutes. It seems to have slowed because it is not overflowing the bandage, but I don't want to take off the bandage to check because I figure it will just start bleeding again.

I am just so darn mad at myself right now because this is all my fault. At night, my 4 pilgrim geese and the runner ducks sleep in a rolling broiler chicken tractor and they free-range during the day. In the evening I usually just go out and put a scoop of feed in their house and they all run in, but sometimes one or two of the geese don't go in. This usually leads to me letting everybody else back out of the tractor and just trying again and again until they all go in at once, but the last couple of time I have not had the patience and have just shut in the rest of the flock and then caught the stragglers by hand to put them in. They are pretty tame but don't like to be caught or handled, so it is kind of a goose rodeo but at least it is faster than trying to herd them in.

We were rounding up the last two geese and trying to get them cornered so I could grab them, when this one spooked and ran over to the side of the coop where I have all of the scrap wire and fencing and whatnot for coop building. I am guessing she cut her foot on some hardware cloth.

I didn't even notice until a few minutes later when I was bottle feeding one of my goat kids and saw that I had blood all over my arm but no cuts anywhere.

The wound itself is not large, but man, as soon as I cleaned the dirt off it went from a steady drip to a squirt of blood right through the air! I got it to stop spraying, but it still kept up a steady leak that made me wonder how much blood a goose can lose before it is in serious trouble.
It's not really your fault.

Give it a day or so before taking off the Gauze, make sure to keep the wound sanitized, so it doesn't get infected, and create more problems.

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