*HELP* Emergency! Picture in post! Don't know what it is or what to do!

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  1. Please help... I have a chicken who can't pop and has this white substance that is coming out every time she tries... I thought maybe it was intestine, but it looks too thick.. in the picture it has gone back in, but when she tries to poo it will come out 2 inches or so... does anyone know what it is, or what I should do? Thanks so much!!

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    That looks to be either a soft-shelled egg or some product of her reproductive system. It is like being egg bound. You need to give her a crushed up Tums, calcium tablet, or eggshells in some yogurt or other food to swallow. Get a rubber glove, something to lubricate it, and insert your finger into the vent and try to get it out. A warm bath will also help to relax her muscles and maybe pass the egg/material.
  3. Thank-you! I didn't know if I should try to pull it out! Do you think that the vent is bulging because she has been trying to push it out? I have been soaking her, so I will do your suggestions. Thanks!
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    It's a soft shelled egg. Go ahead and slowly pull it out. Then use a syringe without a needle, mixing 1 tablespoon white vinegar to one quart of water. Use a syringeful of the mixture and insert it into the vent and slowly flush. The liquid may or may not flow out. Repeat flushing at least 2 more times to prevent bacterial infection.
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  5. Thank-you so much... I got it out, and thats what it was! Thanks again! :)

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