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    I was on the outside of my chicken pen, when one of my hens ran down the run, and attacked another hen, she knocked her to the ground, and pecked her head several times, bringing blood. My rooster tried to protect the hurt hen, but the attacker kept attacking and knocked the rooster out of the way. I have the hurt hen separated and giving her stuff to build her up, and I have the attacker locked up in another cage. What caused this hen to attack? And what should I do to the attacker? Please I need help
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    So sorry to hear about the attack. You can put some neosporin on the wound if it is not deep. (Nothing with "caine" in the ingredients- poison to chickens.) Blue Kote is good to reapply when it gets a scab. I would put her cage within the pen so the others can still see her, but I would not let her back in with them until the wound is healed, or it will get reopened- guarantied.

    I don't know what caused the hen to get so mad in the first place, but sometimes hens have squabbles. Our roosters normally break those up. I would also put this hen in another cage, then add her back to the flock after the other girl is integrated, and hope that solves the pecking order issue they had. Watch the angry hen closely. IF the hen continues to show aggression, you might have to consider rehoming or culling. Hopefully, it was just something small that can be forgotten. Good luck.
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    I'll try and get her where see can see but not peck. Maybe she won't show any more signs of aggression, she's a good hen up to this point. I'll give her a second chance, and maybe she'll be better. The injured hen is doing better now. She's walking, and eating and jabbering to me.
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    The injured hen died this evening, may have had internal damage or something.
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    I am so sorry to hear that she died...unfortunately as you say, she may have had internal injuries from the attack.

    I too have a few chickens that will suddenly show aggression and attack another...luckily for me no damage has resulted so of my roosters usually intervenes to stop the one attacking. I have one that will occasionally eat eggs that another has just laid...she got her comeuppance a few days ago...caught in the act by another chicken and she was chased out of the coop and attacked...strange what can trigger an attack sometimes that we do not observe... I just happened to see the attack on that occasion.

    I hope that the hen that attacked will calm down and not show any future signs of such aggression..

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