Help- Extremely Overgrown Spurs

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    Oct 28, 2008
    I have a Silver Spangled Hamburg Rooster who is several years old that has extremely overgrown spurs. In the past it seemed as if they naturally wore down and sloughed off with no issue. At this time they are very long and appear to be thick like that of a pencil. I am leary to actually cut them as I don't know where a quick or vessel would be.. any experiences or suggestions.. I do have blood stop powder.. This is the only rooster I have that has these gargantuous spurs.. they are not even lethal looking just silly looking like some of those guiness book fingernail people[​IMG] He is a very friendly rooster but it appears that because of the size of his spurs he sometimes has trouble running/roosting etc. [​IMG] Appreciate any assistance!
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    Nov 27, 2008
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    You can put a hot baked potato through the spur down to the base of the spur (dont let the potato touch his leg) ...let it set for 1 minute. Then remove the potato and use pliers to easily twist off the spur. You'll see another smaller spur once the larger one is removed. I dont recommend trimming the smaller spur. There might be a little blood around the area, you can put a little neosporin on it if you wish.
    Then do the same thing to the other spur. Once you're done, give your roo the potato to eat and/or watch him share it with his hens.

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