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    Nov 16, 2007
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    Ok so I got my geese in today, along with *10* chicks! Dang! SO I was totally unprepared for this, and i'm scrambling to get everything brooder-wise set up. I go to check on everyone one more time before bed, and I see one with red on it's eye. While i'm watching, one of the chicks pecked another in the eye. Upon further inspection, they're ALL bleeding except for the pecker. I separated that one in a cat carrier and brought the rest in the kitchen. They've all got eye injuries. Some are crusted with blood, some just red. Nobody lost an eye thank goodness, but they're all injured. I got the eyes uncrusted with a little warm water, but now i've no idea what to do. The red heat lamp bulb went belly up as soon as I plugged it in, so i've got an incandescent in the brooder lamp now. I can't get another red bulb until tomorrow- it's too late here. Questions.. what do I do with the pecker? S/he's out in the barn in a cat carrier alone under a heat lamp. What do I do for the ones that are injured now? I'm really hoping that they don't start pecking each other tonight [​IMG]
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    Good Luck with the eye pecker. I had one too and decided it had to go. The rest of my ladies were so peaceful, I made a tough decision. Best of luck on making yours.

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