Help figuring out what's wrong with my chickens?


9 Years
Oct 17, 2010
My chickens have been sick for over a month. They have runny noses, they are wheezing and coughing, and it seems to be contagious throughout my flock. I have given them several antibiotics, but nothing seems to help them. It clears up a little bit, but it comes right back. It is more evident at night, you can hear it more. My neighbors chickens have been doing the same thing. I've seen runny noses on their chickens as well as heard them coughing. People from the feed store have advised me to cull them out and start new in 6 months or so because it sounds like CRD. I would like to know if anyone knows if this is in fact what could be wrong or has gone through anything similar and could give me any help with what to do.
Any help is appreciated!
Thank you.
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Some people with flocks that have respiratory illness may choose to keep a closed flock and continue antibiotics off and on indefinitely. I would personally cull them all and start over like you were advised. You have already seen how contagious the illness is, so you probably have an idea.
Thank you guys. I'l keep looking into it. I've also been separating the infected chickens to reduce spreading. I'll probably continue giving them antibiotics to see if it will help, and contact my friend that works as a vet to see if there's more I can do. I really don't want to cull out the flock if there's any other option.
But thank you very much,

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