Help!!! First show!!!

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    Hi ya'll I've got my first show coming up on the 15th and I'm so nervous I'm taking my 2 7 month old silkie pullets Scarlett (blue) and Zoey (partridge) and my 6 month old Australorp pullet Clarabelle. I have done a lot of research and know what to do for the bath but what do I do once they are all dry??? Do I return them to their pen, but it is all dirt and hay will they get dirty and ruin all I had done or do I keep them in cages inside? Also what should I take in my bag thank you in advance and I will keep ya'll updated!!! [​IMG]
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    Here are some articles that may help you figure out what to do:

    Typically, we wash a couple of days before the show (depending on various logistics) and then we keep the chickens in the cleanest possible cage until the show - fresh deep shavings for example.

    If there is mud, that's going to undo your bath. If it's merely a dirt run, you may be okay if it is relatively dry. Adding bedding isn't a bad idea if you can. They stay pretty clean if they're on clean shavings. A little bit of dust on the feathers will be okay - what you want to do is get the really serious build up off, any poop off, check for parasites, etc.

    You may need to re-wash the feet right before you leave. Also check the vent area.

    In our kit:
    - feed and water cups
    - extra shavings
    - a cat litter scoop
    - a scrap of silk, to wipe over the birds
    - nail clippers
    - baby oil
    - zip ties, tape, and some wire twist ties
    - scissors
    - paper and pen
    - feed
    - old toothbrush
    - a couple of paper towels
    - baby wipes

    I also use my cell phone or a small camera to take notes of our placings, birds that are interesting, phone numbers, etc.
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    Ok thank you I washed the three today because the show is 5 days away we renevated our coop to fit them our coop is the old treehouse with two levels we sectioned off the 2nd story and turned it onto the show room with water food shavings and windows for them to look out of it is plenty roomy so they can walk around and peck at stuff while not being in the dirt!!! Bathing went very well and I will start packing tomorrow!!!! Thanks again

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