Help! First time incubating.


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May 8, 2017
Guyton, Georgia
This is the first time we have owned ducks. We have one male and one female pekin that we got from a neighbor back in October. They have been a joy to watch and take care of. She just started laying on 4/19/17. I made an incubator out of a small styrofoam cooler and am starting out with 6 eggs, which are no older than 10 days. It's only been 2 days but it's been a little hard getting the temp and humidity regulated. If I take water out and start opening holes on the incubator my temp increases to 106 and humidity decreases to 35. If I cover all open holes, add more water with a small sponge my temp is perfect at 99 but humidity is at 65-70. I've tried removing the sponge and water surface but it hasn't helped. Even tried just a damp wash cloth. Does it hurt to have the humidity that high? Also, is it possible that the embryos were killed? It was at 106 for about 4 hours. All the advice I can get would be much appreciated :)

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