HELP!!! For 3 months, hen hasn't stopped laying thin shell or no shell egg....HELP!!!


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Mar 11, 2011
I've spent countless of hours doing so many readings about hen who has problem with laying thin shell or no shell eggs. I do everything as recommended for the past 3+ months and she is still not doing better, at all! These are the things I do for her at this point: 1/ provide oyster shell 24/7 in an area where she cannot miss seeing it, 2/ i use a coffee grinder and ground calcium tablets and Tumbs tablet to mix in with ACV water to give them - I use approximately 1 tsp. of calcium tablets + 2 Tbsp. of ACV, and mix them into a 1 gallon jug of fresh water, 3/ I am currently feeding them with Purina layer, 4/ They are able to free range for about 4-5 hours/ day on weekdays and almost 8 hours on weekends, 5/ I do give them organic, non fat yogurt every few days as treats, 6/ my other treats including "Craisins", green lettuce, wheat bread, cheese, and for the past few weeks, they have been happily eating june bugs at night before their bedtime.

What am I doing wrong? I have 3 chickens; 2 BO and 1 RIR and out of 3 hens, one BO has been laying thin shell/ no shell egg for 3+ months.

Please, please help!! She's been developing the habit of crushing/ pecking her thin shell egg and eats them. She's laying almost everyday and I'm at a point where I'm truly afraid she will not last too long if this continues on!

I really appreciate your insights!

thank you.
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Another thing to try, vitamin D. I know they get out, but a boost may help. You did not say their age, older hens can develop problems in calcium up take and depositing the eggs shell. As such a last ditch thing is to force a molt, that will suspend her egg laying allowing her calcium levels to build and reset the egg production line. It may not work the shell gland may just not be working anymore.
Hi everyone for responding! I truly appreciate a few words of encouragement and suggestions - it means a lot to me as these hens are truly my babies....
My 2 BOs are a little over a year old - the other BO has been laying just fine, although she only lays about an egg every few days or even just once a week. This BO has been having problems shortly after she laid two fart eggs. Then about 2 weeks after that, she laid normally again, then suddenly, another week or so passed by and she started laying thin shell/ no shell egg and has been doing so for 3+ months. She used to be my very best layer - good size egg and one almost everyday. I truly don't care for their eggs really, but I know that if they're not healthy then that is my concern.

Should I give them Vit D in tablet forms then crush to powder? Should I mix it with the other tablets of vit. C + Tumbs and ACV?

I'm going to try to feed them Dumor layer, crumble. I've been feeding them Purina layer. And, I don't know how to do a "force a molt" ....

Thanks again, for everyone's help!

As I'm typing this - she's inside with me - today, she's not moving around much, she's been standing passively for the past two hours. I'm thinking that Texas' heat is getting on her already and it is right around 90+ F outside so I'm bringing her inside. Sometimes she closes her eyes....not sure if she's acting lethargic? I'm truly concern....
I'd crush the vitamin tablet and mix in their water. D is the vitamin for calcium absorption, the others may help her over all health. Don't use ACV in the same water as the acid works on the vitamins while it sits. Since your concern isn't so much with the eggs and molting stresses them, you may as well wait for the natural molt.
Make sure she's getting enough greens. Mine LOVE clover. Greens contain vitamin D. I also feed all egg shells, from the eggs I use, back to the flock. I simply toss out the shells as is and they LOVE them. I've never dealt with worms in my flock, but it wouldn't hurt to read up on that. I'm sending happy healing vibes to your girl.
I don't know if this will address your hen's problem, but I have one hen out of 11 who lays thin shelled eggs every year when the weather warms up into the 90's. This week we are hitting 90+ every day so Sheila should start the soft shelled eggs thing any day. She always returns to normal when the weather cools down. If you don't feel it is a diet problem and she doesn't seem ill maybe she just needs some type of cooling. If that isn't possible you may just have to wait till fall to get back to first class eggs.
Thanks again everyone for your inputs/ suggestions!

I'm going to skip ACV and just add vit D crushed along with the others tablets. I'll also try to save the egg shell and give them. I also notice that although I leave out the oyster shell 24/7 for them, this BO really doesn't take it for some reasons. She would pick it up and drop it, then pick it up and drop it or she won't touch it. So I guess crushed egg shell to give her will have to do and hopefully she will eat that. She does like to eat the grass that grows in my backyard. The only green that they will eat is green leaf lettuce, ice berg lettuce. I tried to feed them kale and the other kinds but none of them likes it. My hens' diet is bit leaning toward more protein-based. I've been feeding them lots of sun flower kernels, black oil sunflower,etc. I bought a huge back of mix cardinal seeds - one that contains different types of seeds. Maybe I've been feeding them too much seeds? The weather since February was really nice here in central Texas so I am not sure if it has to do with the high heat b/c that was when this BO started to lay funky eggs and thin shell eggs. I think I better keep a good journal of their diets and weather conditions so I can better illustrate what's going on.

I really appreciate everyone, very much!
I am having the same problem with one of my hens laying soft eggs. I have not thought about adding crushed vits to the water. I mix/ hide oyster shell in her food but she doesn't seem to care for it at all.
What miligramage of vit D is safe to add per how many parts water?
Same with calcium pills, what dosage? Should different vit mixtures be in different bowls or ok to mix all together? She is a small serama hen.
Is the added vits in the water going to affect my roos/ chicks at all?
As for the Tums, can I just crush them up and sprinkle on their food?
I have some powdered calcium for lizards that I used to dust on my lizards crickets before he ate them, does anyone know if this same calcium is safe for chickens?

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