Help for 6-week Buff Rock


9 Years
Jan 19, 2013

I'm not new to this website but I usually just read and learn, this is my first post.

I have a 6-week old Buff Rock that I noticed was almost constantly lying down. After watching her for a couple of days, I isolated her to see if I could determine what was wrong. It's going on the 5th day and her crop is normal, her poo is normal, she is eating and drinking just fine; but she constantly lies around.

She only stands up to eat and drink and at that time she seems to be stiff; she'll often stand (rather stiffly) for a few seconds before even taking a step. She walks very slowly and yesterday I found her lying by the food bowl and eating. I found if I put my hand in her little pen she'll let me pick her up rather than stand and run around the pen as she used to do. She will voice her unhappiness that I picked her up, but she doesn't struggle either. She seeks warmth by constantly lying by/under the light, which she also did when she was in the brooder with the other chicks a few days ago. My chicks are on organic grower and still get electrolytes and vitamins in their water.

Does anyone have any suggestions about what might be wrong and what I could do?

Best bet would be to see your vet about it. Not wanting to stand sounds like mareks, a slow paralyzing disease. Here's the link to the page I read up on it at. See if sounds like what you're chick is going through..
Thanks so much for your answer. My chicks were all vaccinated for Marek's and currently she is eating, and drinking and is acting fine, although unable to stand for long. She literally sits on the back of her legs, she doesn't stand. Very strange! Yes, I will call the Vet in the morning, thanks.

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