Help for a newly laying hen that is almost fully blind?


8 Years
Mar 21, 2011
We have a dom that has vision problems. I don't think she can see much at all. She does fine eating and drinking. She recently started laying, laid one outside in the run. And has laid one in the coop by the waterer. I can tell she is looking for a place to lay, she gets loud and uses her head to search around for a place to lay. Well today I go out and she's bleeding on her head. I think she cut her comb on something while she was acting crazy in the coop. She still hasn't laid an egg, but it acting nuts. Any ideas of what may help her better find a place to lay. Maybe make a nest area on the coop floor? However I feel the other girls will mess with it. Also what is good for helping injuries to their comb?
You can use neosporin on her cut, make sure the others don't peck at her comb because they are attracted to blood. If they peck you could sequester her or put Blu-Kote on it which masks blood's color ( in horse section of farm store) Don't use anything with benzocaine on her. You could set up a little box on the floor which she may or may not like. Eventually she will get into a routine.
Sending healing vibes for your hen!
Perhaps building her a whole new coop with her own run and private nest box just for her, that way she will feel better and lay better. Besides it will only cost a few hundred bucks but she will be at peace.

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