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    Sep 26, 2013
    Hi again,
    Recently I posted about my little silky sitting,, ok she decided about a week after she started sitting she was done,, MY husband went down and found her off the eggs and brought them all in,, he laid them on the counter in a bowl for total about 10 hours,, I came home and freaked,, I got the incubator out and tried to candle them,, turns out my little silky was a egg thief from the others and we had 21 eggs under her little hinny, anyhow they are all in the incubator,, I tried to separate them a little to the ones that looked like there was solid stuff in them to others that looked empty,, but they are all in there. everything I have read said about 21 days, the 15th will be 21 days,, I have looked at them once,, candled a couple, they honestly don't look any different,,

    should they look different,, what should I look for,, was being out of the heat to long,, any ideas what to do next,,,

    any help is appreciated

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    This may answer your question

    I'm assuming that eggs had been added to the nest after she started setting, so they will be in various stages of development.
    The ones due on the 15th should be almost completely dark except the air cell.
    I would keep them in there and if any begin to stink, throw them out.
    I would candle today and see if any look like they are full.
    You can probably do multiple staggered hatches. If any look like they have a full chick in them raise the humidity and keep the incubator closed, especially if any are pipped. After the chicks dry and no more are pipped, pull the chicks and candle again.
    In the link above, it says they can completely cool up till about day 14 and survive. Good luck and keep us informed.

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