HELP! Found my ducks water logged, got stuck in the pool!!


8 Years
Jun 26, 2011
I have 2 ducks that I found in the kiddie pool, apparently they were not able to get out. they are soaked to the bone, shivering and I literally had to grab them out of the pool. They are frozen.. FROZEN.

they are in my bathroom with the hot water running, rubbing them with towels, hair dryer...

Tell me what else to do please!

It's 40 degrees here.
I'm sorry I don't know but I hope they're ok!
I'll bump you up to the top though!
Thank you.

You have the hot water running did you put them into the warm water?
Maybe that would be the quickest way to warm them is to put them into warm water.
Okay sounds like putting them into warm water is the best to do was thinking it might heat the up quicker. What do the do when someone has hypothermia?
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You are running the hot water to warm the room, right? Don't put them in hot water.

Getting them dry and reasonably warm (50 to 60F) first, is good. Their normal body temp should be a little over 100F, but I think that raising their temperature too quickly will not be the best thing to do. Warm them up, but not too quickly.

How are they behaving now? Still shivering?

Lukewarm water - to drink - will help warm them up from the inside. It will take some time.

How is their breathing? Can they stand, hold their heads up?

Do you have poultry vitamin powder? If so, mix that into some lukewarm water and let them drink from that. If not, apple cider vinegar - a tablespoon in a gallon of water - will probably help.

I'd fix up a spot in a warm room where they won't be disturbed with some dry towels or similar bedding that can be fluffed up against them. They may revive quickly - hard to say - or it may take a while.

Once they're sitting up, drinking, doing normal ducky things, I'd give them just a little moist food and see if they'll eat. Some encouraging sounds from you will likely help.
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thank you Miss Lydia. I'll give them warm water and WON'T put them in the tub.

Bunsen is starting to preen a little and is more "alert". Beaker is still shivering and won't move. Her feet are stuck/frozen sticking straight out.
How old are your poor ducks? Mine adult ducks don't mind the freezing cold at all. All the natural oils on their feathers keep them from getting water logged.

You may want to put them in a warm spot over night. I was going to suggest a heat lamp, but perhaps you do not want to put it too directly over them. I'm not sure how ducks do with sudden changes in temperature.
Hoo, boy.


Keep warming them steadily, if you haven't yet, wrapping Beaker in a dry fluffy towel, and very very very gently stroking it to help her circulation may help bring her around.

Praying for you all.
I think what Amiga is saying is the way to go, wrap her in a warm fluffy towel you might have to warm in the dryer, hopefully as she warms her feet will start to work, Glad to hear Bunsen is coming around.
Thanks everyone. Bunsen I'm no longer worried about, Beaker is slowly starting to move around a little. She took a few sips of water..

I swear every time I turn around there is some stupid thing that happens.

scratch: They are almost full grown. Fully feathered.. I'd say 5 months or more old.

This is the first time I've ever seen them IN the pool.

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