help fox proofing fence quickly or fox be back for more


May 2, 2015
two days ago our wyandotte grey hen was taken by a fox in the middle of the day.i have to build a fence now they have been roaming free for the last year.i have no clue what fencing methods are the best for keeping out foxes.would using mesh wire six foot high be okay or could a fox climb it.and would using this method in the video be an okay to stop the fox getting under the fence
.how does electric fencing work is there anyway to operate one that does not need to be plugged into the main. Is there anyone that ye would recommend. i hate keeping them lock up so need to get it done quick. grateful for any advise. I am fencing the back garden from the front off for them which will come in handy as well for our dogs cos they can be put in there too they all get on.
I dont know if this would be practical or is recommended by other owners but we had foxes come into our garden shortly after we got our flock and what we decided to do was you could say make a deal with the fox and decided to feed it.

We went to the supermarket and brought the cheapest dog food mixer you can get, doesnt have to be anything special, what we do is get one or two good handfulls of mixer at hot water to soften the food and optionaly get a cheap own brand stock cube and mix it with that or use left over bacon grease or cooking juices in with it to give it extra flavour for the fox and the dry mixer sucks up the liquid. We have been doing it now for about 5 years and no missing hens (touch wood).

It costs us around £4-5 for a bag of mixer and it lasts us about 2-3 weeks depending on how much we put in the bowl when mixing and we very rarely use stock cubes and stick to old cooking grease and oil from when frying or cooking meat adding scraps if there are any.

Fox doesnt loose out he still gets fed, just not on good chicken.

Hope that was of some use.
Electrified poultry netting for me best. Three strands of hotwire like you would setup to repel rabbits plus goats can work, especially if fox has to linger close to the fencing while probing. One good zap should get fox to look elsewhere.
To better protect your chickens (there is no fool proof way to fox proof) use an intergrated fox control stradegy. This means a LSGD, a perimiter electric fence like the one centrachild recomended, (like a high tinsle electric fence?) a Fort Knox style coop, pen, and run, that may also employ electrifid netting, and finally an approipate scatter gun and fox rifle, and don't forget an assortment of traps. Like everything else in this world it also requires the will and the skill to properly employ these valuable tools

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