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Ok so here is my sob story. Charlotte my buff orphington was broody for the second time (and she doesn't give up)since last year (2015) I got her 4 various chicks from the local feed store and she raised all 4 to adults, no issues, excellent forward to this summer. She went broody again a friend of mine (experienced chicken farmer) ordered Silkie chickens. Polish, Cochins and I could not resist some "exotic" breeds. We started with 1 polish and 3 silkies, in short we lost all 3 silkies. My friend whom had ordered 30, lost a number of birds too and ended up with 7 left total. The hatchery ended up shipping her more silkies as they thought something must be up with the group sent.... so I took in 4 more babies a week later,. Thinking Charlotte would be fine bc she is such a good mom. So far I have been proven wrong. We had the 4 new comers separate at first bc they were so little, all but one older silkie that was one of the few survivors from the 1st group. So now my hen is tolerating but not accepting the Silkie, she has her lone Polish chick and it is doing everything it should. But my silkie is tucked away in a corner under her heat lamp and feather duster. from what I have seen Charlotte is tolerant of the other chick but the chick seems to be afraid. Last night the Polish was lying right in front of her and the Silkie near her but not touching about 2 ft away. So in short I am trying to see if there are any tricks to help get them to bond. I am just hoping there might be something I have not attempted yet. I also am nervous for when they go outside the coop with the other 4 hens (pecking order) and free range in the yard. Charlotte was a fierce mother last time....I am worried my poor little silkie wont be protected.

Lesson learned don't add more babies after the fact, hoping to avoid wrist slaps on that. At this point I just am looking for help for my growing brood.


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As you have discovered once hens bond with their chicks they regard others as strangers. At least she is not attacking and trying to kill the chick. My gut says that eventually she will accept the silky.
They seem to be doing well, my Polish still follows Mom around like she should, and the Silkie is more cautious keeping to the sides. She does however snuggle under her at night now. I just hope it continues to get better for all of them.

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