Help! Google tells me it's fowl pox.. any thoughts?

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    I've noticed here little black spots before, and because they have been acting normal, still eating foraging, and running for treats I just passed it as normal circulation or frostbite (it hasn't been cold enough for frost bite though). Then today I realized my girl has these skin colored bumps :( I've never seen this before. My welsumer has it the worst, the blackstar has it on the tips and the rest of the girls are beginning to show black spots. One has the bumps on the rim of her eye :( Google says it's fowl pox. I just don't know for sure, and if it is how do I treat it. It's scary to think they're in pain. Non are behaving lethargic.
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    Have you used the chicken symptom checker tool yet? It is a bit better than google. It was specifically designed for chicken owners to help them figure out what is wrong with their bird. Here is a link to the site -
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    Whilst there is no cure, vitamin supplements / electrolytes can help give their immune system a boost, which is never a bad thing.

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