Help goose is laying eggs but I am confused...I am a novice. Guidance and info needed please


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7 Years
Oct 28, 2012
Okay my Embden has now laid 8 eggs or maybe 9... anyways she has not started sitting yet.... thought she had cuz she disappeared in middle of day and we found her on her nest in the goose area of my coop but I guess she was laying Not sitting because after about an hour she was right back outside glued to her ganders side and has been the last couple days except when she lays on her nest at night to sleep. How many eggs before they sit? Anything special I should be doing? So far I have been turning her eggs for her twice a day because she only turns them at night once. I am a novice to geese so please I need feedback and help. Educate me. :D God bless!


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