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  1. Can I give guinna chicks terramycin, My GS bought 20 and some are sick, told him to separate the sick one and would find out if all of them can take terramycin. PLEASE HELP if anybody knows. they are so cute and He doesn't want to lose them , marrie

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    i have given mine terrimycin before...for respratory problems /colds. just what symptoms do the babies have and how old are they?

    need a little more info .
  3. They look like are just a few days old, he bought them at flea market , they are almost lavender color they are really pretty but seem to have a cold, It got a little cold in the box last night and he warmed a towel in the microwave and warmed them up, some look pretty good the other look pretty wobbly,
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    At this age they need a brooder just like chicks do. You need to put a heat lamp on them. They could just be chilled. I have had guineas that looked dead come back to life after being warmed up suffeciantly. I had a batch to get sick a month ago and lost several. I gave mine sulfa water and they perked up after a day, or so. These were a bit older then yours and already moved to an outside pen, so we weren't thinking possibly cocci.

    Guineas will stay wet if you put a regular chicken waterer in there, which isn't going to help any . You need a quail waterer for young guineas. A small chicken waterer can work, but you have to put marbles, or rocks in the moat so that the guineas can't get too wait, but a quail waterer always works best.

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