Help! Hatch problems


6 Years
Jun 8, 2015
I am having problems with a hatch. I've got three dozen chicken eggs and about a dozen quail in the incubator. I've had no problems until now. Quail should have hatched Saturday and chicks on Sunday. The quail haven't done anything. Two chicks hatched alone, but one didn't pull in the yolk sac. Three more pipped on Sunday, but didn't get any farther. I helped two of them out today, but none of them had absorbed their yolk sac. The other eggs have not done anything. Temp has been consistent at 100 and humidity around 60%. This is a cabinet incubator with an automatic turner. What am I doing wrong? This is the first time I have had so much trouble. Two weeks ago I hatched quail in this same incubator and they were fine.

With so many in absorbed yoke sacks.. are you using the tempture the incubator is giving you or are you using a seperate one to compare and see if it matches with what is displayed on the incubator. Also do you have the same amount of eggs in the incubator as when you had the previous eggs. I always recommend using a seperate thermometer and hydrometer to compare and make sure my Temps are on point. I have had a digital screen tell me it was 99.9 a day it was either to high or to low. I don't trust built in units I like having a back up. Sorry about the hatch
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