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Jun 1, 2017
I recently had two hens sitting. I removed them from the main coop and placed them in a small coop away from the flock. They hatched the majority of their chicks independently. Once 11 of their chicks were hatched they abandoned the nest.

I removed the last 8 eggs, placed them on a warm moist towel, with a heat lamp over them, wet paper towels, and a thermometer (measuring correct hatching temp).

5 of the chicks have hatched in my sink, no problem. I am down to the last two chicks. One I can hear chirping, but still no pip. We are on day ?? (I lost track of when the hens started sitting. But I have had chick hatching for 5 days.

Should I assist the chicks left?
One is chirping, no pip.
One is doing nothing.

I have candled both eggs and both have a chick in them.


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Jul 16, 2015
Since you don't know the days, and it's a staggered hatch I would wait and assist if necessary, but wait for a pip. They peep before they hatch.

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