HELP!!!!!! Hawks building a nest in the woods behind my house


Jan 3, 2011
Westminster, SC
There is a pair of hawks building a nest in a tree in the woods behind my house. Is there anything I can do to run them off/discourage them from nesting there? There nest is almost complete but I still see them carrying sticks to it. I hope there is something I can do because I dont want to lose any of my flock. The reason they are nesting there is because they have access to an all you can eat poultry buffet.


10 Years
Sep 22, 2009
Pretty much all you can do legally is be rude and disruptive. Make noise while your outside. Have fun with firecrackers and loud things near the location. No you can not shoot bottle rockets at them. No matter how much you want to. Use the hose. No, you can't spray them or at them but you can spray around the tree and up in the air and whatnot. Act like your playing a game. If you do a good job they may decide that that nesting spot isn't worth the crud they have to put up with.

Good luck


8 Years
Feb 23, 2011
Gilroy, CA
Yep that's all you can do is be a really bad neighbor. Look up your rules and regulations, a lot of 'em are at the Federal level too, you can't injure them, you can't cut down the tree, you can't go up and bust up the nest (although I think that's the best solution, go up there and take it down, and a wee bit of harassment, get 'em dissuaded from nesting there early and it's easiest on them).

That being said, we have tons of hawks and owls and stuff around here an no problems. We also have a lot of trees, cover, and frankly, JUNK all over the place and I think most of the hunting goes on elsewhere.

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