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    Nov 2, 2014
    My best laying hen was attacked by a predator. I heard her screaching and when I went out to help her she ran out of the bushes and right into my arms. I saw an owl in the trees above her and a raccoon in very close proximity. She has severe wounds on her back and her sides under her wings. I brought her in the house where it is safe and warm. I didn't expect her to make it through the night, but she did. She is eating and drinking and pooping but not moving much because I'm sure she is hurting. I tried to rinse her off with saline wash and then used some betadine on her wounds. I'm not sure what I should do next. I have colloidal silver that I might either spray on her wounds or mix in her water. I would appreciate any advice I could get on how to rehab my sweetie. She is still very sweet and seems to know I am trying to help her.
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    I would continue to keep her in the house and warm. If you have done your best to clean her wounds I might put some antibacterial cream (without any pain killer or any ingredient that has "caine" in it as in lidocaine) on her wounds. The wounds should heal from the inside out. Watch for abscesses and bad smelling drainage. You could also give a low dose 81 mg aspirin for pain. When she is healed she will have to be acclimatize to your local temperatures and carefully reintegrated into the flock so that she isn't picked on and reinjured. You have made a good start. Also make sure that she has food and water within reach. I have had great success with feeding scrambled egg mixed in with wet crumbles or can also add a few drops of liquid baby vitamins (without iron) or a liquid poultry supplement like nutra drench to the food mixture. You can also get some "bluekote" spray at your local grain store it is antiseptic and will keep her from pecking at her wounds. Note: it turns anything it gets on blue. So wear rubber gloves and old clothes when you spray it.
    Hope all goes well for you. :thumbsup
    Oh, and welcome to BYC. I am sure that you will get more replys.
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    Welcome to the forum Fancy, wow, an owl AND a raccoon trying to get her? She is one lucky hen to be alive!!!

    It sounds like you are doing a good job caring for her. I'm not sure what the spray is that you were talking about, but I am sure someone will answer with more med expertise.

    It sounds like healing is going to take time, but I am sure you will get her through it. I would be feeding her warm soft high protein foods such as canned cat food, scrambled eggs, and warmed cottage cheese.......etc. [​IMG]

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