help help Runaway Roster!!!!

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Dec 13, 2010
hey guys
i have only had my rooster for like a week or less and he has gone missing i went to put him to bed and he was no where to be seen we have checked the whole yard and still cant find him

where would a rooster sleep for the night ?

im really worried about him

i will be waking up early 2mora morning and looking around the neighbourhood and so see if anyone has seen him or picked him up

hopefully we can find and bring him home i miss my big friendly rooster

any ideas for where he would be sleeping that would be great
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Up in the trees is a good bet, but it's not the usual thing for a roo to leave his girls unprotected--especially if he's the only roo around. You might want to brace yourself for a sad ending to this story.
hey guys

well i was up early this morning looking around the neighbour hood and to my amazement who was sitting outside near his girls the one and only Arnie my rooster i was so happy to see:lol:
him he must have been hiding in a bush somewhere maybe it was his way to get me do exercise lol gotta love my rooster

thank you everyone for the quick and speedy replie:)s

im so glad it didnt end in a bad note

love ya Arnie
yeah i know cos their are animals around that could hurt him im just so overjoyed that he is back at home safe and sound with his 2 girls

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