HELP! HELP! Vomiting chicken with diarrhea

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    Aug 25, 2011
    NW Georgia
    I have a black sexlink that until now was a spunky little girl. I noticed yesterday that she was very lethargic. She normally will not let me touch her, but she just stood there. I brought her in and cleaner her bottom(smelly, white poop) all over her bottom. I cleaned and trimmed the worst off, I blue coated her bottom and her back where the roo had been on her. I moved him into another run. This morning she was worse, I just picked her up and she threw up all over me, clear water. I noticed her poop was runny and yellow. I pu some electrolytes for small animals, called stress-dex. it contains destrose, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, dicalcium magnesium, manganese, copper, cobal, zince, selenium. It is orange and looks like Tang? We moved the coop and run this past weekend to a dryer area that will drain better. Im sure it was stressful. I left them in the coop&run until late Sun. just to get them use to the new location. I have some plain yogurt but they dont seem to care for it. I gave them some cat food yesterday but she wouldnt touch it and again she normally is in the middle of it. I did notice after she vomited she gagged quite abit. I dont know if this is enough info, let me know if it isnt. Im new at this and monitor BY constantly but Im not sure what to do next. I love my girls, so any help would be wonderful. Oh her craw was very mushy. Its almost when I picked her up I must have mashed it to hard?
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    Jul 14, 2015
    I have a flock of chicken that are vomiting water and have the runs. Crop is mushy and feels very full. Please help

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