Help Hen and Chicks with Lice!! :( ..


May 5, 2017
I have a hen who was broody she just hatched 2 chicks, they are all I the house In a brooder. Today I discovered the Hen has Lice and now the chicks do too! :( one chick is a week old and the other is only 3 day's old. My question is what is the best way to treat all 3?? I know I read Your blog on how to treat lice but with them being in the house and the chicks being so young I wanted to know the best method for all 3 of them? Thanks again
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Since they have an infestation, treat them with a Permethrin based poultry dust or spray. Tiny chicks may be easier to treat with liquid(spray) since you can use a q-tip or cotton swap to control where the treatment goes (around vent, under wings, etc.).

Clean out the brooder and lightly spritz it down - get rid of the bedding that they are on. Follow directions on the product you use, but general guideline it to re-treat and clean out again in 7days after initial application.
Also where should I do this at?? I can take the hen outside if need be but the chicks are young and I'm worried about them getting to cold!?..
You will need to clean out the bedding in the brooder, so if you have a place to put them for a little while that would be good (plastic tote, kennel, etc.).

If you can take the hen out to treat that may be a good idea, don't necessarily soak her down, but try to get all the lice you can. The chicks, just dot/spot treat them before they go back into the brooder. It wouldn't hurt to change the bedding everyday for a few days to hopefully get any that were missed.

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