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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by cochinfan, Jun 29, 2011.

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    Aug 5, 2009
    My often hysterical Hudan hen hatched 2 chicks. One ended up getting mixed up with another brood so she has just been raising just one. She doesn't come out of the dog crate in the coop much so she and this chick have been living with limited activity. I have water and food available but she gets hysterical easily and so has pretty much been staying in the crate.

    Yesterday, I heard a big commotion in the coop and found her in the middle of some kind of tussle. I know the rooster was in the midst of it. This wasn't the first time but somehow her chick ended up outside the coop. When I brought the chick back in they went in the crate together and looked OK but all of a sudden the hen went haywire and started beating up her chick. I pulled her out really quick but I think she did hurt the chick a little. I locked her out of the crate for a bit with the chick inside.

    It was obvious that they wanted to be back together so I tried it again. First moments seemed normal but then she started to peck the chick and when it chirped like it hurt she went to womping on it again. I tried one more time later but am now convinced that she will kill the chick if I don't separate her.

    I tried putting the chick in with my good hen and her chicks. The hen I think would take her but when she cheeped her mom clucked back and she wouldn't stay with the step-hen. I left them separate with the chick locked in the crate. They can see each but the chick is protected. It is hot enough here and the chick has enough feathering coming in I'm hoping it is OK temp wise.

    Any advice?
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    Daft hens! [​IMG] I have one that doesn't quite have the mothering thing figured out. Mother hen is a teakettle on simmer. Her two week old chicks are more sensible than she is with each day that passes, and thankfully, it seems the chicks are beginning to ignore her more each day.

    As for yours, if I were in your situation, I would keep the Hudan away from the chick. There will be some misery involved for both chick and hen - but if the hen's behavior is going to harm the chick, separation seems the wise choice. Out of range of hearing one another separation.

    Sometimes they are a pain in the neck [​IMG] I have moments that I feel run by mine. Best wishes to you for a peaceful resolution.
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