Help! hen has dirty bottom!


May 3, 2015
I had three hens. Over the winter they started to develop dirty bottoms. They were about 6 years old and had stopped laying about a year ago. 2 of them died a couple of months ago. One got sick and the other was very high strung and when we tried to clean her bottom, she seemed to have a heart attack. (I know it sounds crazy.) I am down to one hen, and she seems to be fine other than the problem with her bottom. I do not think it is a yeast infection because I have heard that the smell of one is horrendous, and the hen is not that smelly. I also don't see any kind of worms or parasites in her poo. She is essentially a pet and I am trying to make her life as happy as possible, given that she is all alone at this point. I know that the best solution would be to do a fecal sample, but no vet in my area (Chicago) will do one without seeing the hen. I would rather not take her to a vet since it seems like it will cause her more stress. I have heard of an antibiotic powder that could possibly help her. Any ideas?
Hi! I got two 22 week old Speckledy hens last week and one of them has that too! She had a little bit of a dirty bottom when we first got her and i spent 3/4 of an hour cleaning her up! But she has become dirty again. She was pretty calm, just wanted to get away from me the first few times but calmed down in the end! Not sure either what to use! But this pullet with the dirty bum is fine, eating properly and drinking, no smell and no parasites. I just wonder if she generally cant help pooing down her bum feathers but hey! Im so sorry for your loss of the two hens though!

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