Help! Hen has white growths behind both ears and seems sick

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    Oct 1, 2016

    Help! My favorite hen has been in distress for a couple of days. Hasn't gone in the coop at night, and staying away from flock. Today she ended up in our kitchen! (through the cat door? never happened before). We examined her and see she has white growths tinged with blood spots behind both ears. We put her in the basement for tonight. Another hen was found dead in the coop the other morning. Wounds all around her neck. I assumed the flock had gone after her - maybe she had had the same thing? Any ideas? Is this a disease? See photo

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    Found this information on the web, this is referencing the comb but I believe could be the same for the ear area. I also attached the link where I found the info. Hope this helps!!


    Discoloured comb:

    • Pale: the bird may be anaemic, so check for red mite infestation.

    • White flakes on one side only: fungal infection (known as Favus) obtained from old wood, similar to ringworm, treat with long-acting athlete’s foot cream.

    almost forgot [​IMG]
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