Help! Hen laying eggs in bad area of yard

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    One of our hens is laying eggs in our yard in our tool area and next to our dryer. We have a "designated" chicken area with 3 covered boxes is the corner of our yard but she isn't laying there. I found 1 egg near our dryer today and moved it to the corner of our yard in the nest area and I saw her lay another egg this afternoon. I moved that egg also. How can I get her to find and recognize her eggs? Is that even possible? We are planning to close off the area where she is laying but that may take a while. The chickens are wild but pretty much live only in our back yard. We are in Hawaii so pretty warm weather, We have 2 other hens right now, 1 had 10 chicks hatch 2 days ago and the other hen hatched 6 chicks 2 weeks ago. P.S. we also do not eat the eggs. We are vegan :) :) Thanks for your help!
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    Since you are in a warm climate, your chickens can stay outside year round. All they would need is some shelter if it rains. Chickens will lay eggs where they feel comfortable. Most hens lay inside a coop nest box, where it is private. The tool area must feel private for your hen. By placing the eggs into a designated area like you are doing is a 50/50 toss up if they will change their habit. If they were broody and wanted to sit on eggs, then probably better chance of success. Since you do not eat eggs, can I suggest that you scramble cook them and feed to your chicks. Once you have an abundance of chickens and eggs, maybe you can share them with neighbors that do eat eggs. My chickens are pets, so I do not eat them. I do eat the eggs. [​IMG]

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