HELP!!!!! Hen reacted to injection


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Sep 6, 2007
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I gave one of my hens her 4th injection of Penicillin in the breast and she passed out. She is awake and walking now , but still dazed. What did I do? I don't want her to die.
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i wonder if u hit a nerve....that can also do of luck..
I got one of those shots earlier this year and the same thing happened to me. Obviously I'm no chicken and I can't currently explain the science behind it, but I'd wager she'll be fine.
IM Penicillin injections are painful to anyone and any IM injection in birds is painful, so that was probably the cause. If she's ok now, I'm sure she will be fine!
I would bet you hit a vein too. Did you pull back on the syringe to make sure you didn't get any blood before injecting? It's not fullproof, but is a kind of assurance that you're in the muscle.


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