HELP! Hen's neck torn open. Graphic Pics!


10 Years
Nov 13, 2011
When we went to feed the chickens this morning we found Spots mangled. She was fine last night. The chickens were out in their attached run when we did morning check, they aren't shut in at night.

Husband saw Spunky who we now think is a roo attacking here. She is still active and alert. While we were trying to get her out of the pen she was drinking and eating.

The crop at top edge of wound seems intact.
The neck skin is hanging off to the side.

Treatment so far:
-Wound spritzed with clean water trying to loosen up scabs and dirt.
-Wound generously coated with bentadine.
-Isolated in warm basement with blanket over cage while she drys out.

I am so upset. I have to leave town in about half an hour and will be gone until Wednesday. My husband will be monitoring post but he knows less than I do about chickens. PLEASE help us out.

Plan forward:
-Picking up would spray like bluecoat from Farm n Home.
-Chicken nutridrench or people gatorade for electrolytes.
-If you think she can't be saved, he will find a vet to put her down tomorrow because he can't do it himself.

-What else should he do?
-What do we do with the flap of neck skin and feathers?
-Does she need antiboitics? What kind and how to administer?

PLEASE help us out, this is our first injury!
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Personally, I'd keep her warm and quiet in the basement until she is dry then take the blanket off to give her light and keep her fed well and isolated a day or so until she heals a bit more. Blukote is good. Chickens heal a lot better and faster than you would think. The big thing will be to keep others from picking and bugs(flies) away from the wound. Try to figure out a way to keep her in with the flock and still protected from the others.

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