HELP!!!!! Hens organs comming out its butt!!!! why? ~~~UPDATE pg4 !!!!


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Apr 25, 2010
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I just got home from school, and I saw one of my favorite hens organs out its butt! or something, shes not bleeding much there just out!!!! I took her out of the flock right away and shes in my bathroom. What would cause this Please respond soon, Shes a 1 year old australorp hen!

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Updated:maybe its not organs, shes bleeding on my counter, And tryig to push this Huge bloody thing out!!!! I dont know what to do, Im running her a warm bath!
It sounds like a prolapse, could be possibly due to straining while laying a large egg. Apply Preparation H or honey asap and you need to push it back in. It may pop back out, but you need to keep pushing it back in.

Search for prolapse on here, you'll be able to pull up more info on it.

Good luck. Keep her separated from the flock. You will have to keep her in the dark so she doesn't lay eggs for a little while.
Great advice here so far. I went through having a hen with prolapse last year. A warm bath and preperation H and keep pushing it back in. Good luck.
shes not egg bound laid a egg 2 days ago. Though I have been sticking it in and she just keeps pushing it out. Though the bleeding has slowed down to barley nothing. Ill keep her in the dark. Thanks by the way ill keep you updated.
Keep her for now in a comfortable DARK place so her body stops trying to make eggs -- until she heals. Assuming this is a prolapse, it can take time for her parts to stay inside where they belong - you may have to help her several times before it resolves. Do a search here on BYC under prolapse and you'll get lots of great info.
K, I have her in my closet, in a kennel with food and water ( I gave her chick starter instead on layers mash) its pitch black in there so its a start, Ill keep updating but I have to go take care of my main flock, and chicks.

Btw extra info, She just got done raising her 6 week old chicks

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