Help!! How do I introduce new ducks to old ones?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by afisher, Jun 17, 2016.

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    Hello. I have 5 khaki campbells that are about 18 weeks old, 4 boys and 1 girl. I had got them at the local Tractor Supply, so I didn't know what sex I was getting. Once they got older I was able to tell I had too many males, so I ordered 6 Welsh Harlequin females through a hatchery. They are almost 5 weeks old. I have been taking them outside to run around for about an hour a day. And the last 15 minutes I let the big ducks out hoping they will get used to each other. But my kc female does not like them at all and the boys just kind of go along with her but I don't think they really mind the littles. They just push them to the corner of the yard. And neither group wants to get near each other. But if the littles do anything the bigs don't like they are there to let them know. I want them to all live together in the next couple of weeks but I'm really worried that the big ones won't accept them into the pen and the coop. Do I just put them all in the pen together and watch. I didn't think I would have such a problem combining the two groups. But the KCs are big bullies to my babies. Any ideas on how to combine them peacefully? Or are they just going to get roughed up until the pecking order is established? I just don't want any of them to get hurt or killed.
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    There is a decent size difference between 18 weeks and 6 weeks. Integration should be done slowly since just putting them together doesn't often work.

    My birds free range. So when I get new ones, the babies free range under supervision and anytime a big comes over to check it out, I'm right there to make sure the little isn't hurt or to keep the big away if I can tell their intention is not nice. I will also set up a pen in the yard for the new littles so everybody can see everybody, but the littles are safe by themselves. The bigs can stop by and check them out as they feel like it. Littles have their own night spot away from the bigs until it seems like nobody will scream bloody murder when I combine. Then I split the house into 2. One side for bigs, one side for littles. If they are big enough to free range on their own at that point, all are let out for the day, otherwise, the littles are kept penned. Eventually I take down the house separation and tell them to work things out themselves.

    It usually works, but I've found the ducks group themselves. They may hang together, but they stick to their groups.

    The earlier you can start introductions, the better as you have a better chance or really integrating everybody rather than have groups that co-mingle and get along, but don't really group together.

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