HELP- How do I save these dumped roosters?

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  1. cheirogloss

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    Aug 23, 2009
    Lenoir, NC
    Today on my way home from town I was rerouted down a dirt road to avoid an accident. While traveling down this dirt road, I came upon a guy dumping a cardboard box of something out of the trunk of his car. When I got close enough I realized that the box contained 6 or 7 roosters! I shouted some choice words out the window at the guy, but he jumped in his car and sped off in the opposite direction. I couldn't read his plate because of DD's sunshade in the window. Anyway, I got out and tried to get the roosters to come to me, but they wouldn't. So I rushed home and got our chicken transport cage and some dry catfood (I know that its a no-no, but it was the tastiest thing I could get quickly) and went back. Again, they wouldn't come and I can't afford to leave the cage. I tried herding them towards the cage and they freaked and one even flew into a tree. They look to be beautiful, young game cock roosters and one silver wyandotte. They obviously don't trust people...I can't blame them.

    Is there anyway I can trap or corral 'feral' roosters? They are walking buffets if I leave them out there. I thought about throwing a sheet or blanket over them if I could get close enough. Any ideas?
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    If you can find them 1/2 hour before sunset, wait till it's almost dark, they should be easier to catch.
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    Oct 4, 2009
    Aw, I hope you can get them. I was watching Rescue Ink last night and they were trying to catch roosters. It took them a lot of tries. It's very nice of you to try. Were they dumped in a rural area? Would they be 'okay' to roam around?

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