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    We have built a 8x8 hen house with an open play area upstairs for the children. The Run is 16x16 and will be covered with fencing. How many chickens can I have in these areas and maintain a healthy space? I want it to be a happy area for the chicken, not over crowded. The hatchery I ordered form had a min order of 16. Also, how far apart do I need to space the roosting bars?
    Thanks for your help.


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    Standard guideline is 4 sq feet in and 10 sq feet out per bird, but many find that too small. Add sun up to sun down free range year round and you can have less space per bird, but if they have to be confined, at least double the guidelines and hope you have the types who don't have the free spirited souls to want to run free.

    Guideline for bars is 12 inches apart.
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    Your coop is 8x8 feet or 64 square feet.
    Since they say 4 feet per bird we divide the 64 by 4 and get a total of 16 birds for your coop space.
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    I think all italics is more annoying.....LOL!!! I love the coop, BTW, it's freakin awesome!!! [​IMG] This place is awesome, you can pretty much find anything and everything you need to know about farm animals/life here!!! Make sure you post pics of your chicks and tell us about yourself, and remember, no question is a stupid question! (unless it's already been answered half a million times, the search feature is your best friend.....and yes, I'm horribly guilty of repeat questions!!! LOL!!!! Sorry mods.....)
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    Thanks silkiechicken for the edit. You are right I have never been on another chat site other than this one. I can't stand all the name calling and hair pulling on the other chat sites, thought this one was different. I must have been wrong. Even though I joined on 3-31-08 I have only written a few times. I thought the caps might high light the post title like everyone elses. Thank you cjeanean for your kind words. I love reading the posts and have really enjoyed joining in. I'm sure I am making all kinds of mistakes along the way. I did not know caps were the same as yelling.
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    That's adorable!
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    Quote:that is very disrespectful, not trying to start a keyboard war or get banned, but that is so very rude, and were from the same state i thought all southerns were nice...
    mabye she didn't know are was concerned, nobody should use the word ignorant toward another person on this forum. Moderators don't even use that type of statment and they run the site

    again not trying to start nothing but it is mean, you should apologize [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Your coop is amazing! What a neat idea! I might have to borrow it for my smaller coop [​IMG]... And this forum/discussion board is really very nice overall. There are always a few who sneak in and decide to poke at something, but the admin, mods and members here are very quick to pounce. So, please feel comfortable here and ask what you need to ask!

    If you have a strong winter where you are, I have heard you can do with a little less room in your coop, but it sounds like you have the ideal space. Good luck and be sure to keep us posted!

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