Help! Huge saddle shape air sacks!


5 Years
Apr 2, 2014
Sorry if I double posted this, but I really need some advise. Im a first time hatcher so im kinda freaking out what I should do for these eggs. They are silkie eggs at day 11 and they are all moving and look great except for these huge wonky saddle shaped air cells, and they are only getting larger and extending down past the middle of the egg in a tear drop shape making me wonder if the membrane is literally detaching from the shell wall. These are shipped eggs and only 5 developed out of 22 eggs. They have been in a still air with fan and auto turner. I have had the humidity 20-30 but I started to raise to humidity yesterday when I discovered the size of the air cells. I am so afraid they are going to get stuck and not be able to rotate or hatch because of the little room. Has anyone had eggs that look like this with enormous air cells that still hatched fine? What did you do to help them hatch?
I was thinking of giving them to my broody to hatch since she wont screw up the humidity but I am concerned about whether or not these eggs should be laying down on their side when the air cells look like this.
I read that some people prefer to hatch them in cartons with the sides cut down low and leaning kinda slanted so the air cell is up and should help avoid drowing. While others still swear on laying on their side.
I guess I am worried the most about them getting stuck and pipping on the wrong end, or me not getting the humidity right. I feel like a broody is the best way except for these eggs cell arent right, and im afraid one might get stuck and die and I wouldnt know it till its too late, if I give to a broody. But then im worried about screwing thing up and making the wrong decision in the incubator. I want to give them the very best chance at hatching. Would they be ok on their sides or should they stay upright during hatching? Stay in incubator and maybe try the carton method, or.. give to my broody and just cross my fingers they hatch? What should I do?

Those do look really big. You're right to raise the humidity. I think that low humdity probably caused this. Water surface is the key. All you can do is keep that humidity up and see what happens. I think, if I remember correctly, that I kept my humidity around 40 when I was incubating, but maybe it would be good to go a bit higher now that those air sacs are so large.

Wishing you the best of luck!

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