Help!!!! Humidity Dropping On Day 20


In the Brooder
9 Years
Mar 27, 2010
Okay Well I Locked Down Like I Was Supposed To. I Added Sponge To Get The Humidity Above65 It Was At 85 I Got My First Pip 12 Hrs Ago But The Humidity Has Dropped To 75% Can I Open Real Quick To Moistened Sponge Or Not And Now I Have 4 Pips And No Chicks Am I A Failure Or Can I Just Open Real Quick And Numb Up My Humidity
So Just Being A Newbie And Nervous Wreck Is Okay . When I Locked Down And Added The Sponge It Went To 85now It's 75 And I'm At Work Nervous As Can Be So The Humidity Is Okay And The 4 Pips I Got Are A Good Thing
Your humidity is fine, anywhere between 60-70% works

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