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Aug 8, 2019
caught in 'Denton vortex', Tx
My Coop
When I was growing up and lived with the rest of the family, all of my dogs knew they were my dogs. My siblings' dogs also knew who they belonged to.
When we got this place with 2.5 acres in fall of 2011... We had a few floor dusters. A Maltese, Shih tzu & a mix. All about 10lbs each.
About that time my Better-half started to register with all these rescue sites. You have to do some form of background check to qualify to adopt or foster and adopt these dogs(OES, Golden-Doodles, Great Pyrenees, Shih Tzu, and some others groups). I learned this a few years later.

She knew I wanted to get a bigger dog now that we had actual space for one. Just let me get the fence solved 1st.....
A bout a year goes by and we get "Tapped" for our 1st big dog (She became Saydie-Brin):caf The big fence isn't ready.....
I make an impromptu medium fence that's 3-4' tall and about 50' x about 50' off the back patio.
Then she gets this cute OES (Bohdi) that just shimmies everywhere. That rear end does not shop wiggling!(Still doesn't, what 6-7years later?)
Then we get a sibling group and within, (leans back in chair and looks skyward)... Oh 6 months later she says we have a couple of dogs she wants to go see and likely get...... That's how we ended up with Bear, Sher-bear & Sandy. Finally the whole back yard is done with 5' tall horse fence as is the smaller "inside" backyard.....
I guess another 6 months go by and *Bernard* surfaces again on the OES board. Well, she goes down with one of the older Boys and they come home with 'Tsyvie named by the Son for this famous Russian deaf Rocket scientist: Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky. Then a little while later over fall & winter we loose the original "Lovey" the Maltese & the Shih Tzu "Yodi"... She gets 2 to replace them over the next year.... So we end with 10 eventually. There is some omitted stuff and stories... But, yeah a house full of kiddos and fur kids.
As of now we have 5. The rest who have passed I've posted about over the last year now I guess. Saydie-Brin is thee matriarch at 12+. The two sheepies & Brother & sister are all 6-8-ish. By the time the the last 3 graduate from High school in 6 years we probably will be adding a couple new rescues to the household.
My only issue is the majority had better be females. This "marking territory" crap is not my favorite trait.

Oooffff. Well. Tomorrow is my Blood test/lab work... I get to start fasting in 20 minutes. Time for a snack to get me through till about 10AM.
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