HELP! Hungry, happy, haunted homemakers have heard!

Pick one for Sara's new dummy.

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Sapphire Sebright

Life, no matter how young or strong, is precious.
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Jun 22, 2019
Pitiful confusion
Whatever we do, I intend to post some pictures of fancy teardrops that I've done over the course of these last couple of days. Started with a pencil doodle, now I'm nigh obsessed with the fancy, stained-glass-like artwork.
Stay tuned, if you wish.

Also, Spook is such a child.
"Come back up the driveway! Yes, you! Come on! Don't you look away from me! Spook! SPOOK! Get back here young man!"
*Pretty whistles and honks.*
"Ugh, you are such a child. Fine, then, stay there as hawk bait."
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