Help!!! I can't stop hatching chicks....

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    Well here's my dilemma, I live in the city...I am allowed by law to have 25 chickens...I currently have 13 hens and I just hatched 10 BBS ameraucanas but I am only keeping 2 of these guys and selling the others this will give me 15 hens...they have a big yard that they free range from morning to night as well as a good size enclosed run and coop if needed.

    But now I WANT two silkies to add to the flock and I want to hatch them ameraucanas are only a week old!

    Am I being greedy and not thinking of the birds space and wellfare? Am I becoming a chicken hoarder? My friends already think I am a crazy chicken person.
    Will silkies be ok in a flock of different breeds...orpingtons, Cochins, ameraucanas, BCM....? Will they be picked on for being fluffy?

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    If you are selling most of your new hatched you already have and are only keeping 2 silkies, then I think you're okay [​IMG] No hoarding I can personally see... [​IMG]

    Take the tips on integration recommended on this site and all should be well! Good luck!
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    Hahaha! I had to laugh at this...I feel ya....I think I have just joined the crazy about chickens! I want more as well. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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