Help I found a dumpster chicken with maggots


6 Years
Sep 25, 2013
I am trying to save a rooster that i found in a dumpster filled with maggots although it was still breathing. It was very weak, unable to move or eat. I bathed it an although there didnt seem to be any apparant wounds or broken bones the rooster was catatonic. I couldnt figure out were the worm looking things were coming from till while i bathed it I noticed its ******** was moving alot and there was a worm in it. Its now outside in towels. I am in florida and the weather has been hot and Im unable to determine how long it has been outside. I fed it mashed corn and water by opening up its beak for it and then after a few hours mixed a banana with apple juice and it wouldnt let me open its beak but was opening it on its own an feeding from me. It couldnt keep its head up or stand when I found it earlier today but now it is keeping its head up on its own. I cant imagine what could of happened to this rooster or if those worms in its butt will kill it so.....can someone who has any kind of idea about whats happening give me a clue.Can this rooster be saved?
Please post in the Emergencies, diseases, injuries, cures thread Right now !!!!

Maggots can travel thru the body and cause severe damage & death..

He has probably perked up because he was dehydrated and starving. Some pervert didn't want him and threw him in the dumpster. With all the flies laying eggs (that became maggots) he ended up with them. Since they are internal, I really think it would take a vet to get them out. Anything you pour in or poke at will drive the maggots farther inside.

This poor rooster has a will to live I hope he gets a fighting chance. At any rate thank you for caring enough to try. Some people are worse than animals - they are so cruel.
I would be more concerned about dehydration than food. Sugar water for tonight or Gatorade if you have some until you can get to the feed store tomorrow to get him electrolytes powder for chickens.
Read this forum to make your own mixture
1/2 teaspoon salt substitute*
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon table salt
1 tablespoon sugar
1 gallon water

About the maggots:
Wash him in warm salt water clear up to neck or as high as you need to go to wash maggots off tonight. If you have Epsom Salt this is what you need but you may not have this on hand tonight so use table salt for now. Soak 20min gently rub his whole body and his vent. Water will go into his vet somewhat so he will poop out the maggots.. Repeat 2 or 3 times, take a break and do it again tomorrow. Eventually you will get the maggots washed off. Look for wounds or sores that the maggots may have been attracted to.

Get some jarred baby food of peas and feed him this and scrambled eggs. But you need to get him hydrated and get his electrolytes up 1st.

Once you get him stabilized then you may need to worm him. See how:
Excellent advise above. I just a 2 things to add. To get him to drink you can use a dropper filled with Gatorade solution 50% gatorade 50% water or pedialyte for baby's when they have a fever. Until you can get a dropper (a syringe without a needle will do) dip your finger into the fluid you want him to get into his system and put your finger on the side of his beak. He should open his mouth a bit and swallow it. Don't try to force liquids into his mouth it might go into his lungs. Leave a dish of solution for him to drink as he wants.

If you have someone to hold him or if he is too weak to try and wriggle away you can (after dipping in the solution above) remove individual maggots with tweezers and drop them into a jar with some alcohol in it.

Keep us posted and thank you for rescuing him.
I have rescued a lot of sick and ailing birds with some success...never a chicken though.... but can I suggest when giving water to a bird you do not open its beak but put the dropper to the side of the beak where it will make its way in. This allows the bird to know its there and adjust its intake to stop it going down the wrong way. If an eye dropper is not available anything like an empty pen tube will do. Just dip it into the water and hold your thumb over one end and release it gently which will allow the water to drop out the other end at a slow pace. ... I know most of you guys already know this but just in case some of you don't...its one of the biggest reasons why injured and sick birds die while being cared for by well meaning people .
I would worm it, dust it with seven dust and keep giving fluids and small amounts of food.
Good luck!

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