HELP, I have 4 Ducklings!

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  1. You know I'm still really new to the whole poultry thing. My chickens are doing GREAT laying enty eggs and genuinely look happy. I now was givin 4 ducklings and have no clue what I'm doing. I have put all 4 in old Chicken brooder and feeding and keeping clean water but they are absolutely scared to death. I have only had them for 3 days so I know it takes time. What should I be doing with them to get them use to me? I hatent put them in water yet because I was told not to until they feather. Any suggestions would be great!!! I have done some research on here and like the duck housings trying to go by that. Sorry I know I am all over the place. Pretty excited pics will come
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    Looks like you're doing great so far! I'm still newer to keeping ducks myself, but I know at least the basics, so I can tell you about some things before someone more experienced can take the reins if you have questions I can't answer. :)

    Don't try to force yourself on the ducklings. Just being near them and giving them their space for a little while works wonders. Eventually they will get used to you, and they can get friendlier and inquisitive. Treats work very well, too.

    As long as they are supervised the whole time, you can let them in the water now, probably. If you want, a shallower pan or container could work. When my hen was raising her ducklings I at first was very worried about them going into the pool when they were young, but they did fine and loved it.

    What breed are they? Also, did you have any specific questions you would like to ask? I'm not quite sure what else to say because I'm not an expert and I don't want to get facts wrong.
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  4. Honestly I have NO IDEA what they are. Gotta admit they are cute lil things
    Couple questions
    1. Do they need hear lamp during summer? I'm in south carolina
    2. Should they get a little closer to me before i force them in water? Not really force them but you get me.
    3. When should I let them out in yard for a supervised play time?
    4. They are in a barn right now with barn open on one side the window on the other side is closed, should I open window to let air through?
    5. Do I need to build them a home or is barn suffenciant.
    I try to put my whole arm in there and keep it in there for awhile but they just bundle up in the corner scared out of their minds and I try giving them treats but no go. Cut up lettuce very fine and grapes no peel just insides very fine. Should I just give it time ?
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    They look like Rouens.

    Their heat requirement is close to that of chicks in the first couple weeks but they can generally be weaned off heat faster.

    Let them swim now. Put them in the tub with warm water and put your hand just below water level. It may take a few times but they will learn it’s a place to rest and play. You can also use that time to offer lettuce and other treats that float. If you sit next to the tub you won’t seem so big and scary to them.

    If it’s warm enough outside you can take them out now.

    Housing them in the barn will depend on a lot of factors. I suggest looking at a few coop ideas and threads to see what they need.

    Is that be only water dish you offer them? They need water that is deep enough for them to dunk their heads in. It’s so they can clean their eyes and nares (nostril holes).
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    You are doing good. They are sooo freaking cute!:love
    Do you give them time at night with no lights? I joined this forum a year after i got my ducks. I read so much helpful stuff here when mine were ducklings. One thing i figured out on my own, ducks (at least mine) hate light after dark. It messed with their time clocks if i didnt turn off the heat lamp at night. It confused them. They do generate heat by huddling together. I had mine in my bathroom in a 55 gal tote. There was a space heater on at night.

    What is your routine when you first approach them? Light scares my ducks. Do you speak first so they know it's you? They will learn you are food and protection. Ducks are very routine creatures in my experience. They are very trainable. Makes them great pets as they get used to routines and they are usually very obedient as to knowing what youd like them to do.

    If you develop a routine that will help ease their worries and they won't be scared of you. I live very close to the river and the river ducks visit me regularly. This year two sets of mama ducks and their babies came to me daily and ate from my hands. Trust is earned in time. You will get there.

    Enjoy them while they are so tiny they grow over night and it doesnt last long. Take lots of pics and videos and please share more:pop:love
  7. Great yall!! Yes that's their only wanted source as of right now because of how scared they were....what do you suggest? 1 gallon milk jug holes cut in? And no they haven't had a heat lamp on them since I have had them. It's been around 90 here past week and 75 to 80 at night. No light at night and yes I start talking before they can see me and it seems they talk back. So if I take them out of brooder and take them to tub is there a certain way I should do that with minimal nervesor scaring them? Tearduck that is awesome they came up to yall and ate from your hands!! I hope these lil guys get there.
  8. At first approach I start talking before they see me, then I start to whistle and still talk while I am opening up brooder but just as soon as I put my hand in they scatter to corner.
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    You are going to have some cute Rouens. Your brooder looks great! If it’s still hot in your area, you may not need a heat source during the day. Ducks are like chickens in that the ratio of hens to Drake’s is about 5:1. So if you get several males, you will want a backup plan. I pick mine up regularly to examine them. They aren’t thrilled, but they get over it.
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