help! I have a 7 yr old son that wants a leghorn rooster!


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May 25, 2009
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I have a 7 yr old that is determined to get a leghorn male! I've heard that they can be aggresive & mean. I can't seem to get this through his head! All the breeds that we have are calm docile, gentle breeds, because I don't want the kids to have a negative experience. Both are kids are in love with the chickens, and will be joining the 4H soon. They want to show their chickens. I've tried to show him a silkie, but he thinks they have an ugly face because you can't realy see their eyes. Are there any other breeds out there that would look similar to this brown legorn that would be more kid friendly? I don't know? I told him he wouldn't like being chased, spurred, and or bitten! He's so stubborn! Any suggestions?

Mary Of Exeter

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Apr 10, 2009
Rowan County, NC
I think a chicken's personality can be greatly effected by the kind of care it has. If you get it at a young age and have it tame and used to the kids, I doubt it'd be that mean to them. Maybe a peck every once in a while. They also seem to be a lot more territorial when they have hens to protect. I would get them one anyway, and if they don't like it, you can say you told them so and to listen to you next time

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