HELP! I have a sick 4 day old chick!


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May 20, 2009
Myakka City, Florida
I just went out to check on my chicks. I have 25 and there was one laying in the brooder and others were walking over her like she wasn't even there. I picked her up and tried to give her some water. My son is holding her to give her warmth. She's opening her mouth like she's trying to peep but nothing's coming out. Is there any way I can save this poor little thing?
I'm so sorry one of your chicks is sick!

You definitely need to keep it warm. If you have a heating pad, you can put it in a cardboard box, under a towel, and turn it on low. I get a winter knit hat (watchcap/beanie), lay the cap on its side, and make a little "cave" for the chick.

You can give it eyedropper drops of 50/50 pedialyte & water. Also, if you can find the Poly-Vi-Sol vitamin drops WITHOUT iron (for infants), you can give it a few drops twice a day.

You can feed it small bits of boiled egg whites. I also crush up the feed and sprinkle it at the edge of the "hat cave." I hope your chick gets better soon!
Thanks Sunny. Our little one didn't make it. I don't know what happened to her but we took her out and buried her, complete with a terra cotta stone and wildflowers picked along the path to her burial plot. It's sad, but honestly, it was good for my kids. This is the first time they've really experienced losing an animal. My 3 and 4 yr. olds cried and we discussed how the chick isn't coming back and dead is forever. My oldest became the "man of the house" and dug a hole after holding her until she passed. This was a good experience for them. Not a messy or long drawn out death, not too attached (we just got the chicks 2 days ago), and they understand a little better now. Good since we have a sick old dog that isn't going to make it much longer and everyone is very very attached to.
I agree, it would be best to separate her so you can keep a close eye on her. Hopefully, she doesn't have something contageous. Can she stand and walk?

Personally, I would try to get her to eat hard boiled egg yolk to get her strength up. I'm sure the white is fine for her too... good protein... I just feel like the yolk is more nutritious and it is every chick's "first food". Poly-vi-sol without iron is a great suggestion and a good thing to have on hand for emergencies.

She would be happier if you put a buddy in with her when you separate her, but if she has a disease you risk infecting the other chick too. It will be extra important to make sure that she doesn't get chilled, so hopefully you can keep it 95 degrees on the floor of her pen with a cooler place to go if she gets too warm. I love the snuggly hat-cave idea!

Poor girl! I hope she gets better soon!
I'm sorry she didn't make it, but I think you did a wonderful job of making the best out of a sad situation; you're a great mom! Good luck on the rest of your chicks!

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